Our team consists of experts in leadership and personal growth, business development and organisational change.

All Mentors/coaches/consultants share the following:

  • Have a successful corporate and/or business experience
  • Have different educational and social backgrounds
  • Believe in the necessity of creating inclusive corporate cultures as an enabler for the welfare and wellbeing of current and future generations and companies

Dr Chris Mackel

Business Growth Consultant & Coach

With 30 years of leading the business he founded, Chris has an unquenchable passion for helping businesses to grow with a track record of success to match. In this time, he has worked in partnership with the leading development agencies in both the UK and Europe, and led teams delivering over £90 million in grant funding to clients.

Amanda Smith

Team Development Consultant & Coach

Amanda’s skills and passion for developing people and teams to achieve measurable business results was quickly recognised by one of the UK’s leading multiple retailers, and she spent the initial phase of her professional career as a coach/trainer working throughout the UK bringing teams up to top performance.

Phil Hartshorne

TLeadership and Business Consultant & Coach

Phil’s passion is to develop people to grow business. His successful rise up the corporate ladder was not conventional. He did not begin to learn at university or business school, but through ten years in the catering industry front of house. In his 20s, seeking a change, he joined Cadbury as a sales merchandiser travelling around corner shops.