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Communicate more effectively with your customers.
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By helping individuals discover their unique strengths and preferences, Everything DiSC® Sales can help even experienced salespeople boost their figures.

The profile will guide and help you to identify the DiSC styles of your customers based on their observable actions, along with what’s important to them. This insight into their expectations of you as a salesperson allows you to flex your style accordingly and close the sale more surely.

The Everything DiSC® Sales Profile offers practical, and easily applicable, tips and techniques for adapting your style to meet your customers’ expectations.

This research-validated assessment and sales-specific report helps salespeople understand:

  • Themselves
  • Their customers.
  • Their sales relationships.

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Assessment experience

This online profile is designed for the individual learner.

  • Takes 20-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • Learner creates a secure account to complete or return to the survey.
  • Questionnaire includes the measurement of 12 personality types, making the report personalised.
  • Profile report is available immediately upon completion and can be saved or downloaded.

Profile Features

  • This 25-page sales-specific report focuses on
  • understanding your DiSC sales style, strengths, and challenges
  • recognizing and understanding customer buying styles and drivers
  • adapting your sales style to your customer’s buying style
  • Profile provides clear strategies for building more effective sales relationships.
  • The language of the narrative is supportive, personalized, and easily understood without the intervention of an assessment professional.
  • Learners can create their own Customer Interaction Maps via MyEverythingDiSC, Wiley’s online extended learning portal.

What happens after purchase?

For each profile ordered, you will receive an email with a link and code required for taking the assessment. This email will be sent within 24 hours from access@accessyourpotential.com to the billing email address entered during checkout. You will receive one email for each profile purchased.


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