Business Agility in a Changing World


Since 1987, Access Your Potential has been helping clients find powerful and successful solutions to the challenges posed by a rapidly changing business, social, economic, and environmental climate.

Initially majoring in strategic consultancy and funding solutions with outstanding success, e.g. almost £93m in grant funding.  For the past ten years we have increasingly focused on the key area of personal development amongst leaders and engagement with their teams.

Essentially, we have recognised that technical smart is no longer sufficient to deliver sustainable success in a volatile, chaotic, and changeable world.  Smart must be delivered with the capacity to relate, communicate, negotiate and influence.

Agile and emotionally robust leaders with engaged teams will be the big winners in this emerging world.

Through its 30 plus years of providing effective solutions, Access Your Potential has learnt the power of agile teams.  Its network of associates is extremely strong and is comprised of high-level professionals, with both qualifications and track records to prove their worth and ability to contribute.  We can provide focused project teams to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Learning and development
  • Project implementation

In short, we can scale up quickly and deliver excellent value for money.

Dr Chris Mackel

Dr Chris Mackel

Business Growth Consultant & Coach

Chris founded the business in 1987 and retains a passion for helping businesses to grow and pro-actively change to meet market conditions, with a track record of success to match. In this time, he has worked in partnership with the leading development agencies in both the UK and Europe, and led teams delivering £93 million in grant funding to clients.

He gets a real buzz working with entrepreneurs and business leaders to create the focus that will enable them to achieve their targets – both business and personal. Also, having developed a highly effective team in his own business, he is particularly passionate about working with aspirational business leaders, and high growth teams.

He enjoys public speaking, is media savvy and actively blogs on business related matters.  He has fine-tuned and augmented his coaching skills via the Coaching Academy, the International Coaching Federation and NLP.

Spare Time

In his downtime he enjoys reading, cycling, skiing and entertaining a tribe of grandkids. He is involved in his local Christian community.

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Team Development Consultant & Coach

Amanda’s skills and passion for developing people and teams to achieve measurable business results was quickly recognised by one of the UK’s leading multiple retailers, and she spent the initial phase of her professional career as a coach/trainer working throughout the UK bringing teams up to top performance.

Having taken time out to raise three lovely children, she has returned to coaching helping clients identify and reach their personal goals. Within the Access she is bringing her skills and immense talent for helping people achieve personal goals to bear on business leaders and their teams.

She is a highly gifted and intuitive coach who graduated with distinction from the Coaching Academy in corporate and executive and personal coaching. She is also trained and experienced in Everything DISC® and CBT and these powerful insights are the starting point for her empathic and highly effective approach.

Spare Time

In what spare time she has she enjoys chilling with her children, a glass of good wine, and looking after her garden.

Phil Hartshorne

Phil Hartshorne

Leadership and Business Consultant & Coach

Phil’s passion to develop people and help grow their businesses is informed by his highly successful but unconventional corporate career. In his mid-20s, with business qualifications, he joined Cadbury as a sales merchandiser to small corner shops.  Over a 20-year period, he rose rapidly to senior director roles across commercial and supply chain functions.

He also led the transformation team that recovered Cadbury’s from the doldrums of the 1990s.  When he chose to close the book on his corporate career, he was customer service director with Kraft Foods.

This same passion for people, business, and success that was the rocket fuel for his success at Cadbury and Kraft still motivates him as he works with aspirational leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential.

He enjoys public speaking and actively blogs on leadership and business-related matters.

Spare Time

In his downtime he enjoys his family, writing, hill walking and is chair of his local cricket club. He is also partial to a glass or two of decent red wine.



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