Everything DiSC Work of Leaders


Your Everything Disc® Work of Leaders profile is the vital key to unlock your full potential as an exceptional leader! Someone who creates the difference in any team or organisation in any situation. Using the powerful algorithms of Every DiSC®, augmented by the wisdom and learnings of more than 300 leaders in 150 organisations world-wide, Everything Disc® Work of Leaders ™ is much more than just another evaluation of your leadership style! Completion of your on-line assessment creates your own personalised playbook packed with actionable strategies relevant for any organisation of any size. You will:

  • Learn about the DiSC® model and how it can inform the role of leader. Whatever your style, you will learn that your best mode of leadership is an emotionally intelligent and agile you!
  • Plot your leadership style and priorities on the Everything DiSC Leadership Map. Your own personalised GPS to lead from anywhere on this map.
  • Find ways to adapt your natural style to be more effective with everyone looking to you as a leader of influence.
  • Learn and understand the three fundamental responsibilities of every leader:
    • How to craft a Vision by imagining a future that your organization can make a reality.
    • How to create Alignment that will enable everyone to understand and commit to the shared vision.
    • How to champion Execution, so that vision translates reliably into reality.

Additional Benefits from two powerful platforms


My Everything DiSC

Once you have completed your Work of Leaders profile, you will have access to My Everything DiSC®. Your very own personal DISC portal. There is no extra charge for this dynamic app and no limits to your access.

This fully interactive, and the mobile-compatible, platform provides you with access to your own DiSC reports along with further information about all the styles and how best to interact with them. It converts your assessment into a 24/7 learning & development resource to boost the benefits of your initial assessment.  It is a gift that keeps on giving!  For example, see the Work of Leaders 363 sample report.

What is more, you can agree to share your report either with fellow leaders or your team across the same platform. Build team and organisational cohesion via greater transparency improved communication.

Catalyst – The learning & development experience for the 21st Century

If you and your team or organisation have existing Everything DiSC® Workplace profiles, then you can shift seamlessly on to the all-new revolutionary Catalyst platform.  The key to unlock the emerging virtual office space, with increased distance working and Zoom/Team calls, Catalyst™ is the ideal, designed the purpose learning experience. Everything DiSC® on Catalyst is modular, therefore learning and development can be flexed to suit everyone’s time schedule, availability and learning style. An adaptability, with its bite-sized learning segments, that is the most effective for producing long-term behaviour and cultural change.

There are four components to the platform:

  • At the dynamic core is the well-proven Everything Disc® Workplace assessment, enabling increased self-awareness, encouraging optimum strategies to get the best out of yourself and your relationships with others. This profile is immediately accessible and usable on the all-new and powerful Catalyst platform. It is your adaptive playbook for growth and increased productivity.
  • Facilitation tools to support virtual or in-person learning & development timed and paced to suit your needs.
  • Videos, walkthrough features, and other teaching aids to accelerate and enrich the learning experience.
  • New perspectives – a feature that enables all participants to read and understand the preferences and strengths of their colleagues in ways that will get the best out of the relationship.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation and Training


As an added bonus, you can accelerate your Everything DiSC Work of Leaders experience with facilitation and training via the qualified, accredited, and experienced Access Your Potential team. We can support you with a range of training options, offering both in-person and virtual programmes. Ideally suited for teams who will benefit from learning collectively and sharing their results with each other via My Everything DiSC and comparison reports.

If, you wish to deliver Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® learning and development internally, then we can offer you the support, necessary training, and materials needed, to achieve accredited status with Wiley. You will have your own account and full control over the assessment process.

Contact us today to discuss your learning and development requirements in more detail.



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