Everything DiSC Agile EQ™


Ever wondered why certain people or situations give you a real boost and are easy to work with, whilst other colleagues/situations are a real challenge? Relationships that leave you drained and feeling strained, maybe even slipping into feeling anger! Why? How can you handle these situations better?

In this context, Everything DiSC Agile EQ® is much more than just another once done and move on assessment tool! Using the powerful engine of the well-proven Everything DiSC Workplace®, Agile EQ™ will enable you to be able to flex your emotional intelligence in new ways. Increased understanding of both your own personal preferences, and those of colleagues and clients, will build your emotional intelligence, increase your resilience, and increase the range of your emotional agility. Combining high IQ with laser-like emotional EQ are keys to unlock sustainable success in a VUCA world, where the established paradigms have been smashed by Covid-19. A more agile EQ will enable you to work better with others via improved communication, negotiation, and collaboration. Improved relationships that boost productivity and reduces stress.

In short, you will: 

  • Learn and better understand your DiSC style. Identify your priorities, as well as your motivators and stressors.
  • Gain an overview of the other DiSC styles. How you react to each, as well as developing strategies to improve your effectiveness.
  • Discover the instinctive mindsets that shape their natural responses and interactions.
  • Learn to recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally, developing your confidence to stretch and thereby produce more impactful outcomes.
  • Learn how to meet the demands of any situation with emotional agility.
  • Be given valuable tips and suggestions for improving your working relationships with everyone in your organisation and with customers/suppliers. 
  • Learn how to create win-win situations for you and your colleagues.

Additional Benefits!


Once you have completed your DiSC profile, you will have access to My Everything DiSC®. Your very own personal DISC portal. There is no extra charge for this dynamic app and no limits to your access. This fully interactive, and the mobile-compatible, platform provides you with access to your own DiSC reports along with further information about all the styles and how best to interact with them. It converts your assessment into a 24/7 learning & development resource to boost the benefits of your initial assessment.  It is a gift that keeps on giving!

Also, if other people that you know, such as work colleagues, have completed a DiSC report, and they are willing to link up, then you can create instant comparison reports, and receive tips and techniques for working better together. Spreading the Win-Win benefits of DiSC! For example, team View provides at-a-glance reports for the group facilitator. Facilitator Report takes a deep dive into the group’s DiSC culture, exploring the advantages and disadvantages, impacts on group members, and influence on decision-making.

Stop Press!  Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ is now also available on the dynamic Catalyst platform, adding a whole new dimension to building a positive workplace culture.

Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation and Training​


As an added bonus, you can accelerate your Everything DiSC Agile EQ experience with facilitation and training via the qualified, accredited, and experienced Access Your Potential team. We can support you with a range of training options, offering both in-person and virtual programmes. Ideally suited for teams who will benefit from learning collectively and sharing their results with each other via My Everything DiSC, or Catalyst.



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