Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst


The all-new Catalyst™ learning experience is a major paradigm shift in building a highly effective and beneficial workplace culture fit for a virtual, distanced, and chaotic world.

Workplace culture is often the difference between organisations that fail and those that ignite and grow. Competition is too intense, markets too complex, and change too persistent and chaotic for companies to remain viable without energetic, engaged, and adaptable workplace cultures.

Catalyst™, the all-new Everything DiSC® learning & development platform, will help you shape and create a workplace culture that can truly drive your organisation forward amid this chaos. It is no longer sufficient to be smart, to thrive an organisation must be healthy in its culture. Everything DiSC on Catalyst will:

  • Drill down into the power of DiSC to deepen self-understanding for everyone in your organisation.
  • Provide a personalised, interactive, single-access platform for learners to call on throughout their DiSC journey.
  • Allow participants to actively adapt to other personality styles in real-time—creating more effective interactions and more gratifying working relationships.
  • Integrate DiSC into the fabric of everyday work, energising behaviour change as it becomes enjoyable.
  • Create a foundation for social and emotional skills training as the engine for permanent cultural change.
  • Catalyst is scalable to suit the size of the team, department or organisational and bridges distanced working challenges like no other interactive learning platform.

As a bonus, Catalyst™ is readily available as either a virtual or in-person training experience to meet the demands of today’s workplace environment.

Catalyst – The learning & development experience for the 21st Century


In the emerging virtual office space, with increased distance working and Zoom/Team calls, Catalyst™ is the ideal, designed for purpose learning experience. As Everything DiSC® on Catalyst is modular, learning and development can be flexed to suit everybody’s time schedule, availability and learning style. An adaptability, with its bite-sized learning segments, that is the most effective for producing long-term behaviour and cultural change.

There are the following components to the platform: 

  • At the dynamic core is the well-proven Everything Disc® Workplace assessment, enabling increased self-awareness, encouraging optimum strategies to get the best out of yourself and your relationships with others. This profile is immediately accessible and usable on the all-new and powerful Catalyst platform. It is your adaptive playbook for growth and increased productivity.
  • Can now be extended to Agile EQ, adding even more versatility to your relational toolbox.
  • Catalyst is scalable to suit the size of the team, department or organisation and bridges distanced working challenges like no other interactive learning platform.
  • Facilitation tools to support virtual or in-person learning & development timed and paced to suit your needs.
  • Videos, walkthrough features, and other teaching aids to accelerate and enrich the learning experience.
  • New perspectives – a feature that enables all participants to read and understand the preferences and strengths of their colleagues in ways that will get the best out of the relationship.



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