Culture Drives Success!

Over 30 years of unlocking potential in leaders and their businesses have taught us that a positive culture – the underlying system of beliefs, assumptions, values, and behaviours – is at the heart of any successful business.  Our clients also agree with us on two things about a positive culture – that it is essential for success and that it is difficult to achieve and maintain.

After all, how do you generate thousands of moments, interactions, and individual choices that create an environment in which the business thrives? True cultural transformation is not just down to HR or the leadership, it requires the active engagement of every individual. We need a ready-made decoder to better understand ourselves and each other.  In short, true cultural transformation needs a catalyst.

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The Challenge

Is rallying people and organisations to make the leap towards better!  How do you enable organisations to achieve true cultural transformation since it does not just happen on its own?   How do you generate the thousands of moments, interactions, and individual choices that create an environment in which the business thrives? True cultural transformation is not just down to HR or the leadership, it requires the active engagement of every individual. In short, true cultural transformation needs a catalyst.

Everything DiSC® – The Culture Catalyst™ 

Everything DiSC is a dynamic personal development and learning assessment that is revolutionising our work with clients.  Powered by 40+ years of research, each Everything DiSC personality assessment combines adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise insights to each participant.

After completing your on-line assessment with Access Your Potential, you will receive a personalised profile and growth plan based around four basic personality styles or preferred ways of responding.  Packed with optimum actionable strategies to enable you to get the best out of any situation through improved responses and interactions.

Yet, this initial report is just the beginning of your growth journey!  A journey accelerated via the Everything DiSC Application Suite of developmental tools designed specifically for key functional roles and key soft skills.  A journey also supported by coach led facilitation.

Check out this video, which introduces Everything DiSC Workplace®.

Transformational Growth

In a volatile, chaotic, and uncertain world, emotional resilience and agility have never been more important.  Technical smart is no longer enough – linking IQ and EQ will optimise your agility and ability respond.

Your Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ assessment is the key that will unlock the immense power of your head and your heart working together.  Using research-validated questions, you will be asked how you would respond to different situations to identify your instinctive emotional intelligence (EQ) mindset. As a result, you will be able to take your performance to a new level as you Discover, Recognise and Act with greater Agility.

A Launch Pad!

Unlike some assessments, Everything DiSC® is not a once done and filed experience!  Instead it is the launch pad for continuous personal and team growth.  In addition, it is supported by a range of easy to use tools for complex times:

MyEverythingDiSC™ – Your personalised mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal giving you unlimited access to on-demand insights about DiSC and applying your increased understanding in work situations.

Comparison Reports – Boost effective collaboration by linking with colleagues via comparison reports to explore your similarities and differences.  This process will identify potential challenges in working together and give you practical tips for improving your working relationships.  Win-Win!


With no limit to the number of participants that can be included, Team Report is a game playbook to guide your team to new levels of performance and delivery.

Learning Experience

Access Your Potential will support you and your team in your journey using the Everything DiSC® suite of programmes as a virtual or classroom training and personalised learning experience.  As a result, every person in your organisation will benefit — regardless of title or position, department, or function—by building more productive and effective relationships at work.

The Benefits

As a result, participants:

  • Will understand themselves and others better
  • Learn to appreciate different priorities, preferences, and values.
  • Gain personalised insights and actionable strategies
  • Learn how to adapt to the style of others
  • Learn to navigate outside their comfort zones
  • Be empowered to meet the demands of any situation


    Win Win!

    As a result, your organisation will:

    • Have a proven methodology for building trust, commitment, and accountability.
    • Convert conflict into productive argument for the best solution.
    • Benefit from improved engagement, collaboration, alignment, motivation, and accountability.
    • Benefit from a proven method of on-boarding.
    • Benefit from improved retention.
    • Benefit from sustainable success.

    A Career Swiss Army Knife!

    Not only is Everything DiSC® a key to unlock the best you, but it is also a catalyst for career success.  DiSC can help you achieve more in a variety of roles:

    • Sales
    • Management
    • Leadership

    Contact us now for more information.



    Everything DiSC Workplace® has been DNV-GL certified as an occupational test tool (UK and USA). This certification means that Everything DiSC Workplace is EFPA compliant and can be used for development purposes.



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