The DiSC assessment reports will give you and your fellow team members an objective and accurate evaluation of the benefits that the different styles make to the team and, as a result, you will increasingly come to recognise and value each other’s contributions.  The reports will give you a non-judgemental vocabulary that can be used to explore differences of opinion, resolve conflicts positively, set common goals based upon well-formed outcomes, build trust and accountability and focus on results.  From these achievements the following benefits flow:

  • Individuals are more productive.
  • Teams become greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Managers are transformed into leaders.
  • Win-win relationships are built with customers, resulting in long term sustainable business.
  • The culture and ethos of the whole business is transformed, absenteeism and staff turnover reduced.
  • At a personal level, relationships take on a new strength and dimension.
  • Conflict becomes positive and beneficial since it focuses on benefits for the team that matter and not personal issues that don’t.