Smart is no longer sufficient – now businesses and organisations must be healthy as well as smart. So, what do we mean by healthy?

We believe that to be a consistent winner, a business will be known for the following:

• Willingness to embrace change
• Minimal politics
• High levels of engagement
• Clarity and focus
• Resilience
• High morale
• All-round cohesive behaviours
• Minimal staff turnover
• Agile decision making
• Fun place to work

A powerful joined up and healthy culture like this – whether it exists within an SME, on a single site of a larger business or across a large corporate or third sector organisation will deliver amazing results. It will enable the perfect alignment of what, why and how under connected leadership! Such teams and businesses are unstoppable!

Teams or individuals taking part in Connect4 will experience:

• Increased resilience
• Improved clarity and focus
• Higher engagement and focus
• Reduced staff turnover

• Improved decision making
• Increased capacity to deal with uncertainty
• More effective meetings

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