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Leadership and Executive Coaching for Businesses, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Are you a business owner, a manager, a team leader or somebody who wants to learn more about their potential for leadership and boost their confidence? Are you embarking on starting a business, or preparing for a role as an executive? At Access Your Potential we’re here to help. We use our specialist coaching services to help you develop your leadership skills and lead your business to success. From our home base in Manchester, next to the beautiful Alexandra Park near Old Trafford, we’re equipped to handle enquiries from the whole of the UK.

Running a business can often be a daunting task, as we move forward as a society, the business world requires more from us than ever. A business owner or executive may find themselves dealing with operations, legal requirements all the way through to understanding both your clients and employees. These complexities have made running a successful business much harder. If you’re looking for a way-point to help navigate you through developing a successful business, our coaching can help. We’ll use our specialised coaching to help you improve your leadership skills, confidence, executive skills and decision making so you can run a highly successful business.

Why try coaching?

A good coach isn’t there to tell you how to run your business, or to hold your hand. Our coaching focuses on helping you grow a variety of skills diminishing your weaknesses as a leader and empowering your strengths. We’ll work on your confidence, helping you take your executive role into your own hands, work on how you present as a leader or executive so your decisions are respected and understood throughout your business, as well as allow you access to our own pools of experience, not just from running our own successful businesses over the years, but through the experience we’ve garnered from all the clients we’ve coached over the years. The end result will be somebody who no matter great they were at handling their business before, is even more confident and suited for leading their business.

Let us help you leverage your smart and see you turn your true potential into reality through:

Developing Balanced Leadership capability

Creating a winning culture

Facilitating big picture strategic thinking sessions

Personal development

Sourcing vital funding where appropriate

In the past, the winners in the business world were easy to spot. Leaders and executives who utilised their expertise in conjunction with data, and branding were usually those were those who came out on top. These companies were in turn headed up by leaders self-selected for leadership and using their heads and not their hearts.

In today’s world things have changed, being smart isn’t enough. The business world now more than ever is ambiguous and complex, with things moving faster than ever due to new technology. Now making intelligent moves is simply permission to play.  Which is why for both business owners, executives and leaders, smart must be combined with other skills. Skills that can develop high levels of engagement, the ability to wrestle with dilemmas and the capacity to truly problem solve. We do this by coaching you to approach challenges with the right questions rather than a pre-formed opinion, to form balanced judgements quickly and, above all, to communicate with clarity.


For more than 25 years we’ve supported People and Businesses to turn potential into reality by:

  1. Growing Brilliant Leaders who influence an inclusive and diverse work environment  through coaching
  2. Attracting and keeping all valuable talents
  3. Boosting employee engagement, happiness and retention
  4. Building customer engagement and satisfaction through inclusive strategy and niche coaching
  5. Coaching on team and company performance
  6. Improving work life balance reducing stress related illness.
  7. Injecting critical grant funding where applicable

We have a standout record that has established Access Your Potential as one of the UK’s most successful niche consultancies. So if you’re looking to improve your business, executive skills, your confidence, and ultimately yourself, get in touch with Access Your potential today on 0161 215 0451 or pop down to our office on Princess Road, Old Trafford, Manchester for more info.