Personal Coaching

Affects real and lasting change.

Is life turning into an extreme sport? Are you in survival mode at work? Are there family stresses? Work-Life balance out of kilter? Is being your own boss turning into a pain in the proverbial? Or maybe you’re just drifting. Life just a dream rather than being a dream life? And all the time you know there’s something more purposeful. Something more fulfilling. But you just can’t figure it out.

Or perhaps you’re doing great. Great except for that nagging feeling that you’re not quite getting to the next level. Not quite being the best version of you. May be some of the following applies:

  • Struggling with career choices or needing a new job?
  • Missing those targets for health and fitness?
  • Failing to achieve personal goals and ambitions?

Wherever you find yourself we’re committed to helping you to find new pathways and effective solutions. To help you access your full potential. Carefully targeted coaching processes and support that will guide you towards personal and business success.

What’s not to like about quality coaching? Coaching is inspiration. Inspiration that helps you make the very best of yourself, your family, your staff team and your organisation. You set goals and achieve them. You fulfil personal and professional potential and are more effective.

Coaching is a shared journey. Guided mastery. It begins with a desire and ends in fulfilled potential. Along the way you’ll learn to listen better, you’ll build self-awareness and an enquiring, inquisitive approach, rapport and confidence. In short Coaching is a “unique empowered relationship for change”.
Effective personal coaching affects real and lasting change. Change to individuals and teams. Real world, action based change that helps people relate better, perform better and achieve that they really desire.

And the role of a coach?

To challenge, stimulate and support. To help you unlock your potential. The coach is a catalyst for purposeful change. For a greater awareness. For the fulfilment of meaningful and measurable goals.

All our personal coaching is based around 10 key principles:

  1. Rapport forms the basis of a harmonious coaching relationship. Where there is mutual understanding, trust, respect, liking and commitment between two people something strong can grow.
  2. Effective listening is a fundamental skill used in coaching. And it’s not just about using your ears. Listening uses the eyes to observe body language and capture any underlying messages. Real listening is real understanding.
  3. Wisdom accessing questions are open. Why? How? The direct result of effective listening, understanding and creating rapport. Questions of productivity, positivity and creativity – powerful and thought provoking.
  4. Confidentiality, integrity and trust are fundamentals to any coaching relationship. If you don’t have trust you don’t have anything. A lack of trust leaves Important, sensitive matters hidden and undiscussed. The project fundamentally flawed.
  5. Intuition has been defined as wisdom in action.  Immediate mental apprehension without reasoning, immediate insight and invaluable.
  6. Self-awareness is about understanding our personal values, beliefs, personal preferences and tendencies. Being aware of where we focus our attention, emotions, reactions and our behaviour determines where we go in life. A keen self-awareness is a fundamental prerequisite for all Access Your Potential coaches.
  7. Curiosity is the key to learning. Is neutral with no correct answer. Curiosity is the key that helps you unlock your own answers. As you learn to be curious so limiting beliefs or harsh self-judgement vanish like mist. The more clearly you question the clearer you see.
  8. Reframing – the Kelly brothers talk about ‘rediscovering the familiar’ or seeing the world ‘through traveller’s eyes’.  Looking at the same thing but seeing something different. It’s a powerful and creative approach to problem solving. Replacing a conceptual or emotional viewpoint with another ‘frame’. The same concrete facts situation with an entirely different meaning.
    Creating a new perspective often leads to a sense that the impossible may now be possible.
  9. Empathy matters. Being attuned to another’s emotions and intentions is good for you and them. It’s respectful. It’s progressive. It’s productive. We listen, reflect and observe.  Empathy builds trust, adds value and helps clients overcome their fears. It gives them the courage to share, to face and to conquer their problems.
  10. Commitment – If there’s no commitment there’s no point. As coach and client we’re both in a results business, and the only way either of us can get positive results is for both of us to be committed. To act and to follow through. You commit to your outcomes and choosing to take action to support your choices. We commit to helping you realise them. Desire may be the key to motivation, but it’s the persistence and commitment to a goal that truly matters.

The 10 principles? They matter. They’re the rock on which your success will be built. The rock upon which we deliver our promise to helping you fulfil your personal and professional potential.

To sum up the true power of coaching!

  • It is collaboration. Is asking the right questions. Is having the skills to understand the truth in the answers.
  • Coaching is supportive. Is a relational.  Is goal orientated.
  • Coaching drives rapid personal, relational and business growth.
  • And when purposeful change occurs, choices are widened.  Reactions to people, situations and events become responses. Damaging, negative thinking is defeated.
  • Coaching is learning not telling. It leads to highly motivated self-realisation, doing and achieving. Farewell half-hearted compliant behaviour. Meet empowered self-determination.

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