The Power of DiSC

Understanding without judgement

DiSC is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 40 Million people world-wide to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. Whether working with a major multi-national, a micro-business, a charity, a government agency or NGO, an educational institution, a voluntary organisation or at a personal level, you’ll find DiSC an easy-to-understand and effective tool for better understanding yourself and your colleagues


DiSC = Understanding without judgement

The DiSC process shines a powerful light on our patterns of behaviour, quickly and accurately enabling us to see in any specific context which choices are effective and which are less effective.  DiSC also helps you understand how you might behave under stress and also in different environments/ranges of expectation. After taking part in the assessment, you will receive an easy to understand report with helpful summaries and customised charts showing not only your behavioural preferences, but also how you interact with the preferred styles of others. In short DiSC provides insights into the key components of any business or personal relationship, namely communication and behaviour.  As a result it provides the key to begin unlocking more effective, rewarding and sustainable relationships whatever the context.

As a result, you can immediately begin to leverage your strengths, work more effectively with the styles of others and even prevent your own strengths becoming a liability by pushing them to extremes.  In short, these improved insights enable you to be more insightful and flexible in your communication and behavioural patterns, enabling you to be more effective as a team leader, team member, salesperson, business owner, HR professional or family member.


No right or wrong – not a test it is an assessment.

The DiSC assessment reports will give you and your fellow team members an objective and accurate evaluation of the benefits that the different styles make to the team  and, as a result, you will increasingly come to recognise and value each other’s contributions.  The reports will give you a non-judgemental vocabulary that can be used to explore differences of opinion, resolve conflicts positively, set common goals based upon well-formed outcomes, build trust and accountability and focus on results.  From these achievements the following benefits flow:

  • Individuals are more productive.
  • Teams become greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Managers are transformed into leaders.
  • Win-win relationships are built with customers, resulting in long term sustainable business.
  • The culture and ethos of the whole business is transformed, absenteeism and staff turnover reduced.
  • At a personal level relationships take on a new strength and dimension.
  • Conflict becomes positive and beneficial since it focuses on benefits for the team that matter and not personal issues that don’t.


DiSC will help you answer some key Questions

Puzzled by relationships?

Missing out on goals and dreams?

Time blown fixing other people’s problems?

Can’t get started on new projects?

Do you start strong and then begin to lose your motivation?

Could you use help structuring your time to be more focused and productive?

Is the career you are in a good fit for you?

Whose pushing your buttons?

Under appreciated?

Team not working?

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