Linking Effective Behaviours to Change the Face of Business!

In his groundbreaking book, Salim Ismail refers to disruption being the new norm! The basis for this statement is the unprecedentedly rapid and unpredictable change generated by technology and rampant connectivity, as well as political and economic uncertainty across the globe.

This perfect storm has stood the importance of the previous pillars of success on their head! In the past, it was sufficient to be smart – to have expertise in the measurable, objective, skill based and data driven side of the business. In long-term successful businesses, these strengths were usually boosted by brand and price dominance. In the changed world of the 21st century, these characteristics are merely the permission to play!

In short, Smart is no longer sufficient – now businesses and organisations must be healthy as well as smart. So, what do we mean by healthy? We believe that to be a consistent winner, a business will be known for the following:

Minimal politics

  • Willingness to embrace change
  • High levels of engagement
  • Clarity and focus
  • Resilience
  • High morale
  • All-round cohesive behaviours
  • Minimal staff turnover
  • Agile decision making
  • Fun place to work

A powerful joined up and healthy culture like this – whether it exists within an SME, on a single site of a larger business or across a large corporate or third sector organisation will deliver amazing results. It will enable the perfect alignment of what, why and how under connected leadership! Such teams and businesses are unstoppable!

An Effective Solution
Yes, the ground has shifted and teams that want to win consistently must, therefore, develop patterns of behaviour to produce these characteristics or “fruits” that will in turn drive results. At Access Your Potential we believe that there are four core cohesive behaviours that will never fail. We have identified these four behaviours in our work with businesses and organisations of all sizes as:

Trust built upon knowing yourself and knowing your team boosts team performance as it begins to perform as a cohesive unit rather than a group of competing individuals.

Once there is a firm foundation of trust, then teams can deal with difficult decisions in the best way possible – by arguing strongly for the optimum solution to meet the what, why and how of the business. Once everyone is aligned by clarity of purpose then focus on and resolution of tough issues becomes feasible. The process is less clouded by personalities.

Full and forthright conversation built around listening provides the necessary building blocks for commitment. When everyone feels heard and considered then engaging around the chosen solution becomes the natural and effective outcome.

Not just a cosy huddle, but a committed team leads to a feeling of accountability and willingness to be held responsible. Failures are owned not attributed and become learning experiences – the building blocks of future success.

Success Across the Board
We have found Connect4 to be effective and successful with ambitious SMEs through to large corporations, and with organisations of all sizes in the public and voluntary sectors. It is the universal tool for growth in an age of disruption.
Teams or individuals taking part in Connect4 will experience:

  • Increased resilience
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • Higher engagement and focus
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased capacity to deal with uncertainty
  • More effective meetings

How Connect4 will Work for You

We will introduce these effective behaviours to your team in a two-day intensive workshop. In this process, you will find that transformational learning occurs through a series of linked, amazing experiences that combine to produce an effective team. Each workshop combines key presentations, disruptive experiences, case studies and open discussion in an unexpectedly seamless journey. Teams grow through the process rather than go through the process.
The workshop learning is reinforced and supported by a pre-workshop online personal profiling, and a programme of post-course coaching and mentoring.

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