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What do you think of when you hear the words “coach” and “coaching”? Football or some other sport? Someone who gives advice? Someone who tells you what to do when you haven’t a clue?

Well, yes sport is heavily associated with coaching, however what is interesting is that many of the best and most successful sports coaches – the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Eddie Jones, whilst they were good performers in their chosen sport did not necessarily excel. Yet as coaches they are getting the best out of individuals or teams who have a much higher technical skill level on a regular basis. So how do they lift these individuals and enable them to achieve exceptional levels of performance? Not by relying on advice or “telling” as the main power for change – instead it is the power of coaching.

So what is the power of coaching?

The skill of a great coach is to unlock a person’s potential to maximise their own performance by reducing the “interference” of fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs. It is helping a person to learn rather than teaching them, since things learnt are much more powerful than things told to us. A skilled coach will listen, give feed-back, encourage, hold accountable, help birth new perspectives and new goals. As a result, the person will accelerate their pathway to success – however it will remain their pathway and their story. For this reason, it is far more sustainable and more difficult to knock off course when challenges come.

Therefore, for the Access team coaching is not a set of techniques, it is a lifestyle commitment. For us coaching is a way of life since the benefits are many, and they are long lasting leading to life, relational and business transformations.
Success that starts with a clear agenda, that identifies the gap between goals and reality, and is supported through a series of self-defined and empowering steps; a journey to success and fulfilment.

With our clients, we’ve repeatedly seen the impact of professional, effective and focused coaching that generates transformational benefits. The results are confidence, harmony, increased efficiency and direct bottom line impact.
Whether you represent a small business, a larger corporate, voluntary or governmental organisation there are huge and sustainable wins ready and waiting. It’s our mission to help you access your full potential.

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