Business Funding

Don’t let a lack of funds get in the way of your success.

With a detailed working knowledge of European and UK-based funding schemes we’ve already helped dozens of organisations get the money they needed – over £89m in total in Business Funding..

There are a number of reasons that we offer such an excellent route to funding:

  1. For a start we have a detailed working knowledge of European and UK-based schemes for both revenue and capital projects.
  2. Then there’s our excellent working relationships with various funding organisations.
  3. Add to that our meticulous attention to detail, our thorough research and our ongoing commitment, and it’s pretty clear to see why we enjoy such a high success rate.
  4. Even more than that we provide a fully supported claims, monitoring and evaluation service.

The result? More than £89m of client funding secured, with £22.2m (25% of this total coming the past ten years. With Brexit, the funding scene is even more confused and confusing. You need the best help available.

Here’s an endorsement if ever there was one – The European Commission. They used us to write the guide to European funding in the UK.

Take a look at some of our recent successes…

Camgrain £9.5 million for development of advanced processing centres
Grosvenor Developments/ Edinburgh University£4.2m of European Funding for the development of a strategic business and technology site
Mission Foods£750,000 of RSA funding for a new food processing factory
North Wales Business and Technology Park£1.67m of European funding for Business and Technology Park
Phil Hanley£760,000 of RSA funding for a new food processing centre
Scottish Water£5.5m of European funding for various projects throughout the Highlands & Islands
Sussex Police£1.2m of additional Treasury funding for an IT innovation project

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