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They say smart people surround themselves with smart people. They’re right. You know that. You’re smart. Smart enough to already have enjoyed success. Smart enough to also realise that to build on that success, timely and insightful strategic input can make all the difference. Can turn good, into great. Great, into undreamt of.

The kind of timely and insightful strategy that we’ve been delivering for more than 25 years.
Business growth opportunities in the form of:
  • Individual and team development through coaching
  • Consultancy and strategic advice
  • Grant funding - £89 million of funding sourced to date
  • Change management
Business growth opportunities that have established Access Your Potential as one of the UK’s most successful niche consultancies..
Smart teams. Smart strategies. The smart choice.
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We’re specialists in Business Growth and Coaching.

Access Your Potential has been helping others grow and develop for 30 years. We're specialist business coaches realising potential for businesses and individuals. Why not speak to us about what we have to offer you?

DiSC Assessment

Will the Real You Please Step Forward! It was Aristotle who said ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ Richard Wright in his novel Native Son (1940) wrote ‘Man can starve from a lack of self-realisation as much as …. from a lack of bread.’ Just what were they getting at? Well have you ever experienced any of the following feelings? Unfulfilled Road blocked Under appreciated Poorly performing teams…

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Leadership Inside Out

Great leaders succeed by harnessing the power of both their external and internal worlds. What does this mean? Well, first of all good leaders need to understand the world in which they operate – their external environment. Factors such as: What their competitors are doing? Are there any looming technological changes? What is the general economic and political climate – any shocks out there? Even the best project launched at…

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We’ve already helped dozens of organisations get the money they needed – over £89m in total in Business Funding in the last 10 years.

Business Funding

Don’t let a lack of funds get in the way of your success. With a detailed working knowledge of European and UK-based funding schemes we’ve already helped dozens of organisations get the money they needed – over £89m in total.

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